Sarevok9 (sarevok9) wrote,

How do I feel?

Jenn arrived in Utah a few hours ago, at least that's the assumption, I haven't heard from her for the majority of the day.

I don't really know how to feel, she's said a lot of things to me, and they all make me really feel like I should feel something, and I'm not sure what to feel...

I asked her "At what point did I jump from the friend zone to something more?" Her reply really sorta floored me:

"I honestly dont know. Probably realizing how easy it was to become comfortable with you, and then enjoying just kissing you more than expected. Its just easy being with you. Effortless happiness isnt something I've been exposed to much, especially recently."

I want to make her happy but now she's a world away, and she may never come back... and if she does so much could and probably will change between now and then. I don't know what to do about it... I want her. I want to feel the curve of her body and the way she tasted on my lips again.... I want to hear her voice in my ear, her nervous laugh.... all of it.

I feel like I'm missing something just by her being further away, and I hate it.

I hate not knowing when I'll see her again.... part of me wants to go to her.... but that's just totally unrealistic.
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