Sarevok9 (sarevok9) wrote,


Ever faster the world whips by
counting the days since he last peered into your eyes.
he found himself wishing things were easier; for that's what we all dream of
but alone in silence we speak in euphemisms about love.

In impotence a suggestion is raised, and subsequently declined
for these requests are outlandish, certain to be denied.
But denial is the last on his list of fears,
But his palms are sweaty, and his lips are wet, in darkness it was easy to hide the tears.

Lashing out was always the simple solution to complex situations.
But this was more complicated, the end-all, be-all of infatuation.
Waiting on bated breath he began to suffocate;
But the offers to help you regardless resonate.

But when the dawn came he found himself standing alone.
He found his lips bloodied by reaping what he'd sewn.
Thoughts drifted to the curves that he couldn't bring himself to regret;
beautiful and painful, wishing it would be more easy to forget.

She left her mark, and time itself rotted away what he was prior;
She did more damage than he could have ever done to himself; purification by fire.
Truth exposed; his gift to her, she turned and walked away.
Then his Demons came to surface, begging her to stay.

But it was all to no avail, so he was pushed to his limit.
He questioned how far he was willing to go, and decided this was well within it.
He sharpened the blade and wished for it all to disappear
Shouting at nothing in a dark basement, 2am, hands on his head, covering his ears.

Tears slid from his eyes once again, but this time they were of rage
"If I can't have her, noone can; it's time to turn the page"
Her smiling face never left his thoughts as he tore her throat apart
He painted the ground with her blood, and looked down at his hands, this was love, this is art.

Clenched fists he turned and walked;
once again with all these violent thoughts.
His hand caressed the blade he wanted so badly to introduce her to
Once again in the silence his pain was renewed.

Holding tight the knife he dreamed of relief.
He imagined how he could quick it would end as he pulled it from it's sheath.
Breathing labored everything beings turning to black,
Blood is pooling, vision fading, there is no turning back.

His final thought about her lips pressing against his that first time;
he wanted so badly to tell her; but he never found the right rhyme.
He tried to tell her so many ways;
he overdid it, his hand was overplayed.

He left a final note to her and it read:
"Disregard everything I ever said"
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