Sarevok9 (sarevok9) wrote,

A thought before bed...

Today I sat in calc III, wondering where the fuck the f(x)=(sec)2^2n-6^xn^2 came from, and the next thing I knew class was being dismissed. I thought that I was in class for about 30 minutes, max. It definitely didn't feel like a full hour and change. Then I realized I spent the whole class imagining killing myself. Not because I really want to die, it's just because I got stuck imagining the faces of the people that barely knew me as they realized that my brains and upper spinal column were now decorating the white board.

I figure that it would give meaning to a lot of meaningless lives. People would be confused and disturbed, they would wonder what went so wrong to drive me to want to hurt myself so much... what's strange about all this, is that I'm happy. Well, for me anyways.
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