Sarevok9 (sarevok9) wrote,

Roller coaster.

It's been really fucking confusing these last few weeks to decide what the fuck is actually going on in my life. Somewhere between multiplying matrices to plot amorphous shapes in 3 dimensions and waking up at 3pm and realizing "I only got 2 hours of sleep.... it's almost dark out" you start to question what's important to you.

I'm starting to realize that maybe my life isn't so bad after all... all it took was a really unexpected moment on Friday. A K D came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek, then whispered "It'll all be better soon" in my ear. Then just walked away. It made me realize how sad I've been and over what? Maybe doing poorly in this course? Who cares.... I'll do my best and if worse comes to worse I'll retake it in semester 5.

I've been dreaming of "Her" touch... it really hasn't been too long since I last tasted her. I'm still lingering on the embrace before she left. I see her on Skype now, and I just want to pull her through the wires and feel her here next to me.

I wish that there was something I could do to make what I want manifest in my arms...
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